Can You Solve This Confusing Math Puzzle? Only 2% Can

This maths riddle may seem simple but it has been driving the internet wild! only 2% of people can solve it within 3 minutes, can you?


You have 3 boxes. One of them contains a prize. You were allowed to pick just one of them.

You pick – and it’s empty.

With 2 boxes left, you now have one box in your hand and another box in front of you. If given the chance to exchange your box with the box in front of you, would you do it? Why, and why not?

(The ‘Google Riddles’ are interview questions those who wish to get hired were asked).








In the beginning, with 3 boxes, things were simple. You had a chance of 1 in 3 to find the prize. NOW we know that one of the boxes is empty but you still made a guess of 1 in 3, now you have a new choice of 1 in 2. Your probability goes up and that is why you SHOULD CHANGE THE BOX. Don’t feel bad if you disagree, this riddle has been hotly debated.

How fast can You Solve This Confusing Math Puzzle?


Test Your Brain Skills & Beat These Child Geniuses! Can You Solve It?

Test Your Brain Skills & Beat These Child Geniuses! Can You Solve It?

Some people have a natural affinity for mathematical problems, are you one of them? This fun and tricky math question might give your brain a little workout. It will definitely improve your math skills, attention, and mental focus.

Do you think you have what it takes to solve this math exercise? Let’s see if you are ready for the challenge. The correct answer is down below – but no peeking! Give it your best shot before looking 🙂

What’s the right answer?

What's the right answer?


Were you able to guess correctly?

That’s right, it’s 2!

Pass this quiz on to your friends and loved ones, to test them as well. Did you get it right?

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