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What Weird Holiday Falls On Your Birthday?


1st Apple Gifting Day

2nd National Buffet Day

3rd Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

4th National Spaghetti Day

5th National Whipped Cream Day

6th National Shortbread Day

7th National Bobblehead Day

8th Bubble Bath Day

9th National Apricot Day

10th Houseplant Appreciation Day

11th National Hot Toddy Day

12th International Kiss A Ginger Day

13th National Rubber Ducky Day

14th National Dress Up Your Pet Day

15th National Strawberry Icecream Day

16th International Hot & Spicy Food Day

17th Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

18th National Gourmet Coffee Day

19th National Popcorn Day

20th National Cheese Lovers Day

21st National Hugging Day

22nd National Polka Dot Day

23rd National Pie Day

24th National Peanut Butter Day

25th National Opposite Day

26th National Peanut Brittle Day

27th National Chocolate Cake Day

28th National Blueberry Pancake Day

29th National Puzzle Day

30th Bubblewrap Appreciation Day

31st National Hot Chocolate Day


1st Freedom Day

2nd Hedgehog Day

3rd Carrot Cake Day

4th Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

5th World Nutella Day

6th Frozen Yogurt Day

7th Rose Day

8th National Kite Flying Day

9th National Bagel Day

10th National Flannel Day

11th Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

12th National Lost Penny Day

13th National Tortellini Day

14th National Have A Heart Day

15th National Gumdrop Day

16th National Almond Day

17th Random Acts Of Kindness Day

18th Drink Wine Day

19th International Tug-Of-War Day

20th National Love Your Pet Day

21st National Sticky Bun Day

22nd National Margarita Day

23rd International Dog Biscuit Day

24th World Bartender Day

25th National Clam Chowder Day

26th National Personal Chef Day

27th International Polar Bear Day

28th International Pancake Day

29th Floral Arrangement Day


1st World Compliment Day

2nd National Banana Cream Pie Day

3rd National Doodle Day

4th Hug A GI Day

5th Sock Monkey Day

6th National Oreo Cookie Day

7th National Cereal Day

8th National No Socks Day

9th Popcorn Lovers Day

10th International Day Of Awesomeness

11th National Fanny Pack Day

12th National Plant A Hower Day

13th National Jewel Day

14th National Potato Chip Day

15th Ides Of March

16th Lips Appreciation Day

17th World Sleep Day

18th National Corndog Day

19th National Poultry Day

20th Alien Abduction Day

21st National Teenager Day

22nd National Goof Off Day

23rd National Puppy Day

24th National Cocktail Day

25th International Waffle Day

26th Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

27th National Joe Day

28th National Hot Tub Day

29th National Lemon Chiffon Day

30th Pencil Day

31st Dance Marathon Day


1st International Pillow Fight Day

2nd National PB&J Day

3rd World Party Day

4th International Carrot Day

5th National Deep Dish Pizza Day

6th National Twinkie Day

7th National No Housework Day

8th Step Into The Spotlight Day

9th National Name Yourself Day

10th International Safety Pin Day

11th National Pet Day

12th National Grilled Cheese Day

13th Scrabble Day

14th Moment of Laughter Day

15th World Circus Day

16th Go Fly A Kite Day

17th Haiku Poetry Day

18th Velociraptor Awareness Day

19th National Garlic Day

20th National Cheese Fries Day

21st Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

22nd National Jelly Bean Day

23rd National Picnic Day

24th National Pigs In A Blanket Day

25th National Mani-Pedi Day

26th Hug A Friend Day

27th Morse Code Day

28th National Blueberry Pie Day

29th International Dance Day

30th International Jazz Day


1st Global Love Day

2nd Take A Baby To Lunch Day

3rd Great American Grump Out

4th National Orange Juice Day

5th International Space Day

6th International No Diet Day

7th Lemonade Day

8th National Have A Coke Day

9th Lost Sock Remembrance Day

10th National Shrimp Day

11th Eat What You Want Day

12th International Nurses Day

13th Brunch For Lunch Day

14th Dance Like A Chicken Day

15th International Day Of Families

16th National Mimosa Day

17th National Walnut Day

18th I Love Reese’s Day

19th National Pizza Party Day

20th Be A Millionaire Day

21st World Baking Day

22nd Sherlock Holmes Day

23rd Lucky Penny Day

24th International Tiara Day

25th National Wine Day

26th National Cherry Dessert Day

27th International Jazz Day

28th International Hamburger Day

29th National Biscuit Day

30th National Mint Julep Day

31st National Macaroon Day


1st Say Something Nice Day

2nd National Donut Day

3rd Love Conquers All Day

4th National Cheese Day

5th Hot Air Balloon Day

6th Drive-In Movie Day

7th Chocolate Ice Cream Day

8th Best Friends Day

9th Donald Duck Day

10th World Gin Day

11th Corn On The Cob Day

12th Magic Day

13th World Pet Memorial Day

14th International Bath Day

15th National Lobster Day

16th Wish Fulfillment Day

17th National Apple Strudel Day

18th International Picnic Day

19th National Pets In Film Day

20th Daylight Appreciation Day

21st National Selfie Day

22nd National Onion Rings

23rd Take Your Dog To Work Day

24th World UFO Day

25th America’s Kids Day

26th National Chocolate Pudding Day

27th “Happy Birthday To You” Day


29th National Handshake Day

30th Social Media Day


1st Early Bird Day

2nd World UFO Day

3rd National Eat Beans Day

4th National BBQ Day

5th National Bikini Day

6th International Kissing Day

7th Chocolate Day

8th National Ice Cream Sundae Day

9th National Sugar Cookie Day

10th National Pina Colada Day

11th All American Pet Day

12th Simplicity Day

13th National French Fries Day

14th Pandemonium Day

15th Gummi Worm Day

16th National Ice Cream Day

17th World Emoji Day

18th Perfect Family Day

19th National Hotdog Day

20th Nap Day

21st National Junk Food Day

22nd Summer Leisure Day

23rd National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

24th National Tequila Day

25th National Wine & Cheese Day

26th National Coffee Milkshake Day

27th National Chili Dog Day

28th National Milk Chocolate Day

29th National Dance Day

30th International Day Of Friendship

31st National Cotton Candy Day


1st National Night Out

2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

3rd National Watermelon Sale

4th National Chocolate Chip Day

5th National Mustard Day

6th International Forgiveness Day

7th Beach Party Day

8th International Cat Day

9th National Hand Holding Day

10th National Lazy Day

11th Play In The Sand Day

12th National Fries Day

13th National Filet Mignon Day

14th National Creamsicle Day

15th National Relaxation Day

16th True Love Forever Day

17th Baby Boomers Recognition Day

18th National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day

19th National Potato Day

20th National Bacon Lover’s Day

21st Cupcake Day

22nd National Be An Angel Day

23rd National Spongecake Day

24th National Waffle Day

25th National Banana Split

26th National Dog Day

27th Kiss Me Day

28th Red Wine Day

29th Lemon Juice Day

30th National Toasted Marshmallow Day

31st Eat Outside Day


1st Wear Teal Day

2nd International Bacon Day

3rd National Skyscraper Day

4th Eat An Extra Dessert Day

5th National Be Late For Something Day

6th National Coffee Ice Cream Day

7th National Feel The Love Day

8th National Pledge Of Allegiance Day

9th National Teddy Bear Day

10th National Hug Your Hound Day

11th National Hot Cross Buns Day

12th National Chocolate Milkshake Day

13th Fortune Cookie Day

14th National Coloring Day

15th National Linguine Day

16th National Guacamole Day

17th National Women’s Friendship Day

18th National Cheeseburger Day

19th Talk Like A Pirate Day

20th National Gibberish Day

21st World Gratitude Day

22nd Love Note Day

23rd Great American Pot Pie Day

24th Bluebird Of Happiness Day

25th National Cooking Day

26th National Pancake Day

27th National Chocolate Milk Day

28th National Drink Beer Day

29th National Coffee Day

30th International Lace Day


1st International Coffee Day

2nd Guardian Angel Day

3rd Look At The Leaves Day

4th National Taco Day

5th Do Something Nice Day

6th National Noodle Day

7th National Flower Day

8th World Octopus Day

9th International Beer & Pizza Day

10th National Tuxedo Day

11th National It’s My Party Day

12th World Sight Day

13th International Suit Up Day

14th National Dessert Day

15th I Love Lucy Day

16th World Food Day

17th National Pasta Day

18th National Chocolate Cupcake Day

19th National Seafood Bisque Day

20th National Brandied Fruit Day

21st International Day Of The Nacho


23rd National iPod Day

24th Food Day

25th World Pasta Day

26th Worldwide Howl At The Moon Day

27th National Breadstick Day

28th National Chocolate Day

29th International Internet Day

30th National Candy Corn Day

31st Carve A Pumpkin Day


1st National Deep Fried Clams Day

2nd Plan Your Epitaph Day

3rd National Sandwich Day

4th National Candy Day

5th National Doughnut Appreciation Day

6th National Nachos Day

7th Hug A Bear Day

8th National Cappuccino Day

9th World Freedom Day

10th National Vanilla Cupcake Day

11th National Sundae Day

12th Happy Hour Day

13th World Kindness Day

14th National Pickle Day

15th National Bundt Dat

16th National Fast Food Day

17th Homemade Bread Day

18th International Games Day

19th Mother Goose Parade Day

20th Beautiful Day

21st World Television Day

22nd What Do You Love About America Day

23rd National Espresso Day

24th National Day Of Listening

25th National Parfait Day

26th National Cake Day

27th Turtle Adoption Day

28th National French Toast Day

29th National Chocolate Day

30th National Stay At Home Day


1st Eat A Red Apple Day

2nd Business Of Popping Corn Day

3rd National Apple Pie Day

4th National Kitten Day

5th Repeal Prohibition Day

6th National Gazpacho Day

7th National Cotton Candy Day

8th National Brownie Day

9th National Pastry Day

10th Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

11th National Noodle Ring Day

12th Gingerbread House Day

13th National Cocoa Day 14th Roast Chestnuts Day

15th National Cupcake Day

16th Chocolate Covered Everything Day

17th National Maple Syrup Day

18th National Wear A Plunger On Your Head Day

19th Look For An Evergreen Day

20th Go Caroling Day

21st Don’t Make Your Bed Day

22nd National Cookie Exchange Day

23rd Festivus

24th National Egg Nog Day

25th National Pumpkin Pie Day

26th National Candy Cane Day

27th National Fruitcake Day

28th Call A Friend Day

29th Tick Tok Day

30th No Interruptions Day

31st National Champagne Day

What is your birthday month?

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