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The Hired Hand.

The banker saw his old friend Tom, an 80-year old rancher, in town.

Tom had lost his wife a year or so before and rumor had it that he was marrying a ‘mail order’ bride.

Being a good friend, the banker asked Tom if the rumor was true. Tom assured him that it was.

The banker then asked Tom the age of his new bride to be. Tom proudly said, ‘She’ll be 21 in November.’

Now the banker, being the wise man that he was, could see that the s*x.u.a.l appetite of a young woman could not be satisfied by an 80-year-old man.

Wanting his old friend’s remaining years to be happy, the banker tactfully suggested that Tom should consider getting a hired hand to help him out on the ranch, knowing nature would take its own course. Tom thought this was a good idea and said he would look for one that afternoon..

About four months later, the banker ran into Tom in town again..

‘How’s the new wife?’, asked the banker.

Tom proudly said, ‘Good – she’s pregnant.’

The banker, happy that his sage advice had worked out, continued, ‘And how’s the hired hand?’

‘She’s pregnant too.’

Do you have a good laugh?

Two Texas farmers, Jim and Bob are sitting in a bar, enjoying beers.

Jim turns to Bob, and says, “You know what, I’m going to go to college!”

He then leaves the bar and makes his way over to the local college. He is met with the Dean of Administration, who is explaining to Jim what classes he is going to take.

An Old Husband and Wife Discuss Golf

“Alright, Jim. You are going to take 4 classes,” the Dean says. “English, Math, Science, and Logic.”

“Logic?” Jim asks. “What the hell is that?”

“Here, I’ll give you an example. Do you own a weed wacker?”

Proudly, Jim responded, “Yes, I do.”

“Well, if you own a weed wacker, then logically speaking you own a lawn,” the Dean said.

“Yes, yes I do have a lawn!”

“Well, if you have a lawn, then logically speaking you own a house.”

“Yes, yes I do have a house!”

“And if you have a house, then logically speaking you have a family.”

“Yes, yes I do have a family!”

“And if you have a family, then logically speaking you have a wife. And if you have a wife, then logically speaking you’re heteros*xual.”

“Yes, yes I do have a wife and I am heteros*xual! Wow, I can’t believe you found out all of that just because you knew I had a weed wacker!” Jim exclaimed.

“Yeah, that’s what logic is,” the Dean responded.

Jim excitedly went back to the bar, awaited by Bob.

“Bob, I’m taking 4 classes in college. English, Math, Science, and Logic,” Jim told Bob.

“Logic?” Bob asks. “What the hell is that?”

“Here, I’ll give you an example. Do you own a weed wacker?”


“Then you’re gay.”

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