Teacher Was Giving A Lesson.

Johnny’s teacher was giving a lesson on developing logical thinking.

“This is the scene,” said the teacher.

“A man is standing up in a boat in the middle of a river and fishing. He loses his balance, falls in, and begins splashing and yelling for help. His wife hears the commotion, knows he can’t swim, and runs down to the bank.”

Why do you think she ran to the bank?

Johnny raised his hand and asked, “To draw out all his savings?”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

The Teacher Was Telling The Kids.

The teacher was telling the kids about the birds and the bees.

She explained that “When a man and a woman meet and fall in love, nine months later the stork usually brings them a little baby from its nest.”

Little Johnny – at the back of the class – raises his hand and asks the teacher, “Are you sure about the stork, miss?”

“I think you’re getting your birds mixed up.”

“My big sister just got a little baby and she said it came from a black pecker at the beach!”

LOL!! So cute!!

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