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For Smart People Only: How Many ‘Threes’ Can You Find In This iPhone Screen Puzzle?

Being observant is a valuable quality, the importance of which should never be underestimated. It helps our brains to concentrate and stay focused on a single task without allowing the business of everyday life to distract us. Younger generations often lack this skill – but do you? Test your attentiveness with the quiz below.

The puzzle below shows an iPhone screenshot and asks one simple question: How many threes can you see in this picture?

So, how many threes do you count?

The puzzle is causing major controversy across various social media platforms.

On Twitter and Facebook, people are engaging in heated philosophical conversations over this puzzle. Users are delving deep into the semantics of the initial question posed to justify their answers and win over others’ opinions.

How many threes are there in the picture? Click below for the answer.

How many threes can you see in this picture?






We found eight in the dialed number, three in the contact name, three on the keypad, three in the time stamp, and two in the battery percentage, for a grand total of 19.


While 19 is the most widely accepted answer thus far, a large community continues arguing for 21, counting the three Wi-Fi bars and three filled reception dots as two additional “threes” in their final answer.

Does the fact that this riddle is open for interpretation makes it a bad brainteaser? Not at all!

Regardless of whether or not the internet ever reaches a final, universally accepted answer, this puzzle is certainly succeeding in teasing all of our brains!

What do you think about this brainteaser? How many threes do you see in the picture?

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