This Simple Elementary Math Problem Is Stumping The Internet. can you solve it?

Even the most basic math problems can prove to be a bit tricky! That definitely holds true with this seemingly simple problem – despite its easy appearance, a majority of adults can’t get it correct on the first try.

Can you find the right answer?

Have you got your own answer?

Let’s see…


Here is the right answer!

Divide 3 by 1/3, which gives you 9. Then move onto the subtraction portion of the problem – subtract 9 from 9, which then gives you 0. Finally, add 1 and your total sum is 1.


Tricky Math Equation Is Rather Challenging, And It Isn’t Easy To Find The Correct Answer

Solving math puzzles improves logical thinking and helps to develop creativity.

The more you practice math exercises, the more you tend to find ways to tackle challenges. You would be surprised that realizing you have become open to challenges and braced up to address them.

Math equation

Here is a math equation to solve. You’d be surprised to see that you really can!

Although it looks simple, not many people can find the correct answer quickly. We won’t leave you hanging, so here are several options.

What was your answer, 15 or 35? Or was it 25?

If your answer was 35, you were right! Good job!



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