A politician, 3 doctors and 3 engineers decided to climb Mount Everest.

A politician, 3 doctors, and 3 engineers decided to climb Mount Everest.

They arrive there and start climbing the long way up the tallest climb on Earth.

It’s a grueling climb and they have to stop many times to rest and pull each other up.

Halfway into the climbing, the rope starts to break.

The doctors say they should all hang in there and wait for help.

Nobody believes they will arrive on time.

The engineers with their quick physics skills, tell everyone, “One of us has to jump or else we all die!”

No one wanted to jump. Everyone held onto the rope with their hands tightly. Then, the politician let out a sigh.

“You people are valuable resources for the country. A doctor can save so many lives. An engineer can build so many innovative things. But what am I? A useless politician. What should I do for society? Nothing. I just give speeches and that’s it.” – he gives out a very heartfelt sigh.

The others were so touched, they all started clapping for the politician.

St. Peter was standing at the pearly gates of Heaven

St. Peter was standing at the pearly gates of Heaven.

When a group of politicians showed up.

“Hey Petey, may we come into Heaven?” asks one jovially.

St. Peter replies, “Well, we have never had a group of politicians come into heaven before, let me ask God.”

Then he turns around and goes to consult God.

“My lord, there is a group of politicians at the pearly gates of Heaven. Should I let them in?”

God thought for a moment and said, “We’ve never had politicians in Heaven before. Let’s see how it goes. Let them in.”

St. Peter leaves God, only to come running back a few minutes later. “THEY’RE GONE!” He said.

“The politicians?


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