Most people get it wrong on their first try: How many B’s are hidden in this image?

How many B’s can you find in the picture?

This test is a way to exercise your brain-eye coordination. I think most people can solve this one if they have all day – but the thing is, you only have 10 seconds. The time limit causes most people to fail the challenge on their first try.

In the picture below we can see many 8’s. However, there are a few B’s hiding as well.

Now the question is: can you find all the B’s in the picture? Here is the picture.

Now, I wish you good luck! How many B’s can you find in this image? Ready, set, and go!

How many B’s can you find in the picture?




Here is the solution

If you didn’t find all the B’s, then no worries, you are not alone.

Below is a picture with all the B’s marked in red.

The right answer is that there are 9 B’s in the image!

Only fast-thinking people find the number inside this image full of Z’s

One of the most popular challenges on the web right now is finding specific details inside an image.

The picture can comprise all kinds of shapes and forms, just about anything, while things might look the same or just normal, a small detail or two will stand out if you look carefully.

However, these details might be hard to find, so you need to push your senses and focus as much as possible.

Can you find the number that stands out?

Here comes today’s challenge.

Below you’ll see a picture containing lots of Zs, but somewhere inside the image, a number hides. Your challenge is to find that number.

Here is the picture – will you find an odd number?

Did you see at least one? It’s not easy, but it should be fine if you focus.

If you can’t make it, then the answer is below.




Here is the right answer

The solution comes in the picture below.

There, high up in the corner, a 7 is hiding. It’s very much like a Z, so it was certainly no walk in the park to find it.

Congratulations if you found the hidden 7!

Did you solve it on your own? Congratulations on that case!

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