Most people fail – but can you find the dog in this picture?

Can you find the dog?

A new visual puzzle is taking the web by storm. You could say that it’s about figuring out the camouflage – some creatures have an incredible ability to become one with their surroundings.

Today’s optical illusion is similar, as it also features an image taken in someone’s home, with a sneaky intruder hiding in plain sight.

But you shouldn’t look for any people in this photo. Nope, this time, the intruder is a small dog.

There is a dog hiding somewhere.

Your task now – which is not an easy one – is to find a doggie. Can you do it in 20 seconds?

Did you manage to find the dog? I couldn’t do it in under 20 seconds.

If you haven’t found the dog yet, we’ll crop out a part of the image to help you out.

Can you see where the fella is hiding now?

Did it get easier? Do you see the dog now?

One more chance

Some of you have probably found the pup, but I certainly can’t blame those who haven’t, it’s quite a clever puzzle.

Have you found the dog yet? Here’s a hint: he’s in the fourth quadrant.

Still can’t see the dog? Well – worry not, here is the answer. We don’t want to leave you hanging after all.

In the picture below, we have circled the dog’s face with a blue ring.

There he is!

It’s still hard to see him, but his light-colored belly is just barely distinguishable against the black mat.

The arrows above point out the dog’s eyes, ears, and belly.

Yes, it’s still a little tough to see the black pup on the black carpet, but he’s definitely there.

The person who took this picture really caught the doggie at the best possible moment! That’s awesome. It’s like the little troublemaker was really trying to hide behind it.

Did you find the dog on your own?

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