My little daughter announced that a boy had kissed her.

My second grade announced at the dinner table that after school a boy in her class had kissed her.

Trying to stay cool her mother asked, “How did that happen?”



Our daughter said, “It wasn’t easy, I needed three other girls to help hold him on the ground.”



The Jackass and The Barman

I was sitting at a bar when a man walked in.

The bartender pointed at the seat next to me and said “Hey Jackass! Sit here.” The man sat down.

Then the bartender asked, “What do you want to drink, Jackass?” The man ordered a beer.

A little later, the bartender yelled, “Hey Jackass! You want a menu?” The man said “No.”

After a few more beers, the bartender said, “Hey Jackass! That will be $24.50.” The man paid and started to get up.

I stopped him and asked, “Why does he keep calling you Jackass?”



The man looked at me, smiled, and said, “ Oh… Hee Haw Hee Haw Hee Hallways calls me that.”

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