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A Man Hires a Blonde

A man hires a blonde to paint stripes down a road, but she has to keep the contract and do at least four miles each day.

The blonde does 8 miles on the first day.

The boss is very impressed.

On the second day, the blonde does 4 miles.

The boss is a little impressed, but not as much as before.

On the third day, the blonde does two miles.

The boss thinks she’s just having a bad day, so he still lets her keep the job.

On the fourth day, the blonde only does 1 mile. The boss asks, “You were doing so well before. Why aren’t you doing well now?!”

The blonde responds, “I can’t get far because each day I’m getting further and further away from the bucket.”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!

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Two Blondes and a Locked Car

Two blondes were driving down the road.

The driver noticed that she was running out of gas and pulled up to the gas station.

While she was pumping her gas, she noticed that she had locked the keys in the car.

When she went inside to pay, the blonde asked the attendant for a coat hanger so that she could try to open the door herself.

She went outside and started to open the lock.

Ten minutes later the attendant went outside to see how the blonde was doing.

The blonde outside the car was moving the hanger around and around.

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Meanwhile, the blonde inside of the car was saying, “A little more to the left. A little more to the right …”

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