Logo Challenge: Which one is correct?

We offer you a chance to check your attentiveness with the help of a simple test. All you need to do is to answer the same question in each case — which logo is correct and which one is fake?

Don’t forget to challenge your friend and see who is smarter!

Now, Let’s start:


Which one is correct?


Which one is correct?


Which one is correct?


Which one is correct?


Which one is correct?

Answer will be given below:

1. apple 2

2. Baskin Robin

3.Burger King 2

4. Filla 2

5. Facebook 1


Word Riddle Game: You Go In Through One Hole

Read the hints given in the riddle and guess the word.

You go in through one hole, you come out through three holes Once you’re inside you’re ready to go outside, but once you’re outside you’re still inside.

What is it?

Give it a try! don’t give up before you try your best, answer will be shown below:

Answer: A T-shirt.


The t-shirt has three holes: two sleeves and one neck. Once you are wearing the shirt, you are ready to go outside, but once you are outside, you are still wearing the shirt.

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