Can You Guess How Many People Are In The Family?

Riddles are fun because they sometimes sound quite simple when you first hear them, but you realize how complex they actually are the longer you dwell in them.

In other words, you need to focus and fire up those problem-solving skills if you want to find the answer.

How Many People Are In The Family?

Here is today’s riddle, in the picture below.

Your parents have six sons including you. Each son has one sister. How many people are in the family?

This clever puzzle requires you to properly concentrate.

Can you handle it?

If you can’t find the answer, we’ll put it below the next picture.




Here is the correct answer to this riddle

Did you guess how many people are in the family? If not, you are not alone. This challenge has confused thousands of people online.

There are 9 members in the family: 2 parents, 6 sons, and 1 sister.

All 6 brothers have 1 sister, not 6 sisters.

Did you get it on your own? Congratulations to you then!

Most people can’t solve this riddle – but can you find the correct answer?

Solving good ‘ol riddles

It has become popular in recent times to solve classic puzzles, which are everyone you look at online nowadays.

Riddles make many of us remember our childhood. The times when I would spend all day with new riddles and puzzle books are among my most treasured memories.

These kinds of challenges are straightforward. You simply have to think a little outside the box to figure them out.

The riddle below is a perfect example.

Can you figure out this mystery?

Here, in the picture below, comes today’s riddle.

It has cities but no houses, it has oceans but no water, it has forests but no trees, it has deserts but no sand.

This mystery is, it seems, anything but simple. Can you come up with the answer?

A small clue: try to think outside the box.

If you can’t find the answer, we will report it below.




A possible riddle

If you could not solve this mystery: worry not. Many have torn their hair out in desperation over this riddle.

Answer: A map

Far from simple, whether you are on the logical or creative side!

Did you solve the riddle on your own? Congratulations then! You are a sharp person and have given the brain much-needed exercise!

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