Can You Find Out What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Let us begin. Below, you’ll find a picture of a polar bear standing on an ice floe together with some penguins.

But something in this picture is entirely wrong. Can you guess what it is? Here is the image.

Can you find the mistake? Look carefully and think, I know you can do it!

If not, we’ll show you the answer after the picture below

Answer will be shown in the picture below:

How fast did you find the answer?


Most people answer this test incorrectly – but how many circles are there?

Optical illusions

How many circles can you see?
Below is a visual puzzle that has left hundreds of thousands tearing their hair in despair.

How many circles can you see in the picture?

When you first look at the image, it looks like a mess, but if you look closer, you may be able to tell them apart.

Below, after the next picture, you’ll find the solution.

The correct answer is 5 circles

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