A horse walks up to the bartender

A horse walks into a bar.

He goes to the bartender and says “Give me a beer.”

The bartender is stunned.

He heads to the back of the bar to speak to his boss.

“Hey boss,” he says, “there’s a horse in the bar asking for a beer.”

The bar owner pauses for a second, then replies “Well then give him one, but charge him double. Horses don’t know the price of beer.”

So the bartender heads back out front and hands the horse a beer.

“You know,” says the barkeep, “we don’t get many horses around here.”



To which the horse replies, “At these prices, I’m not surprised.”

A man walks into a barbershop and says

A man walks into a barbershop and says, “I’ll have a shave and a shoeshine.”

The barber lathers his face and sharpens the straight edge while a gorgeous woman kneels down and shines his shoes.

The man says, “Hi there. You know, would you like to spend time with me in a nice place.”

She replies, “My husband wouldn’t like that.”

The man says, “Tell him you’re working overtime, I’ll give you more money”



She says, “You tell him. He’s the one shaving you.”

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