A blonde woman bought a MAGNOLIA TREE

A blonde woman in Georgia bought a magnolia tree from a local nursery but, after only a few months, its leaves shriveled and it appeared to be on its last legs.

She took some leaf samples back to the nursery and demanded an explanation.

“Oh, I know exactly what’s wrong with your magnolia tree, ma’am,” said the manager.

“Good,” she replied. “What is it?”



“Autumn!” he said.


A Blonde putting 50 cents into a Soda machine

Blonde is standing in front of the soda machine at work and keeps putting in 50 cents and getting a soda.

After a while, with several sodas at her feet and a long line forming behind her, one of the other workers taps her on the shoulder and asks if she will be much longer because they want sodas too.



The blonde turns around and quite exasperated says, “duh, I am still winning…”

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