3 Old Ladies

Two old ladies are visiting their friend Mary.

They sit down and after a while Mary says, “How foolish of me! I haven’t even offered you coffee.”

So she gets up and gets the coffee.

Sometime later, old Mary says, “How foolish of me! I haven’t even offered you coffee.”

So she gets the coffee again.

Half an hour later, the scene repeats for the third time.

Finally, the two old ladies say goodbye.

“Mary is acting really weird, don’t you think?” says the first one.

“The whole time we were there, she didn’t even offer us a coffee!”

The second one looks at her in amazement, “What? You’ve been to see Mary, and you haven’t even invited me??”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

Salesman tries to trick an old Texas lady

An old Texas lady answered a knock on the door one day, only to be confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner.

“Good morning,” the young man said, “if I could take a few minutes of your time, I would like to introduce you to the very latest in high-powered vacuum cleaners, straight from California.”

“Go away!” said the old lady, “I have no money for such things!” and she proceeded to close the door.

The young man quickly squeezed his foot in the door and pushed it wide open.

“Don’t be too hasty!” he said. “At least wait until you’ve seen my demonstration.”

And with that, he emptied a bucket of horse manure onto her hallway carpet.

“If this vacuum cleaner doesn’t remove all traces of this horse manure from your carpet, ma’am, I will personally eat the rest, cross my heart.”

The old lady stepped back and said, “Wait here while I go get a spoon. Hope you have got a darn good appetite because they cut off my electricity this morning.”

More than he bargained for. That’s for sure!

If this story taught me anything, it’s that you don’t mess with Texas ladies – you might get more than what you bargained for!

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