You’re Genius If You Find The Y In Less Than 50 Seconds

Do you know how your mind can focus completely? This simple game increases your logical and visual skills and it is also fun. You just simply need to find the odd one in the picture – in this game, trying to find the “Y” is the case. You only have one minute to solve it. It is not that simple than you think. How long will it take you to find it?

You’re Genius If You Find The Y In Less Than 50 Seconds

If you still can’t, you can scroll down to know the right answer.
Are you ready for the challenge? Then let’s go!

Try to find the “Y” in less than 60 seconds.

Have you found it already? If you still cannot, stop worrying, it is just a practice for you to be able to do it right next time. We have the answer for you down below.







Did You Find The Y In Less Than 50 Seconds?


Most People Get This Wrong The First Time- How Many Q’s Can You See?

The Letter Q- Where is it??

Start off with this puzzle. You can see so many O’s. But, the real challenge is to find out where the Qs are and how many there are? You have seconds to find them!

Did you find them? Great, let’s see if you found them all. Don’t panic if you didn’t find any on your first try, a lot more people get it wrong than you think.

Check the solution below. All of the Q’s are marked in yellow

Whether you got it right or wrong, you can see that there are 6 hidden Q’s.

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How fast did you find them?

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