Use Number Instead.

Little Johnny: “I’ve piss may I go out?”

Teacher : “Piss is an impolite word instead you say I’ve number 1.”

Jimmy: “May I go out? I want to shit.”

Teacher: “Shit is also a bad word it is better to use number 2 instead.”

Ronald: “There is a wind in my belly give me please a number for it.”

A young man introduces his fiancee to his parents.

While they were having dinner the girl gently farts. Annoyed by the funny smell the father in law yells:

– Rocky!!

The girl is relieved that the future in-law blamed the dog from under her chair but after a few minutes she lets one more rip.

The boy’s father is getting nervous:

– Rocky!! be careful now!!

Worried no more the girl fires another one.

Feeling exasperated, the boy’s father yells:

– Rocky! Get out of there fast! She’s gonna sh*t on you!

A nice respectable lady with a savory smell of perfume got on the bus and took a seat beside me.

After some moments I dared to ask her: “Excuse me lady do you mind me please to ask you what is the name of this perfume and where did you buy it from? I want to buy one for my wife.”

The lady responded: “It is Chanel and from Paris.”

After about ten minutes later I felt a strong wind in my belly so I slowly blew it out.

Some seconds later she broke and said: “Offf…what is this smell my God”?

I said: “Garlic and from Gilroy city in California.”

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