Home Life Two women were traveling through Vermont

Two women were traveling through Vermont

A lady from the city and her friend were riding the train through Vermont when she noticed some cows.

“What a cute bunch of cows!” she remarked.

“Not a bunch, herd”, her friend replied.

“Heard of what?”

“Herd of cows.”

“Of course, I’ve heard of cows.”

“No, a cow herd.”



“What do I care what a cow heard? I have no secrets to keep from a cow!

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A Little boy wants to be a billionaire

A teacher asks her class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Little Johnny says “I wanna be a billionaire, going to the most expensive clubs, take the best girl with me, give her a Ferrari worth over a million bucks, an apartment in Hawaii, a mansion in Paris, a jet to travel through Europe, an Infinite Visa Card and to make love to her three times a day”.

The teacher, shocked, and not knowing what to do with the bad behavior of the child, decides not to give importance to what he said and then continues the lesson.

“And you, Susie? ” the teacher asks.



Susie says “I wanna be Johnny’s girl.”

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