Two blondes were running from the cops

Two blondes were running from the cops as they had just been caught sneaking over the border into Mexico.

They ran to a fence and went through it, the lights and sirens were following them.

When they got to the other side, they were facing a long river.

One blonde said to the other. “Here I’ll shine this flashlight over the water and you can walk across the beam of light.”

The other said: “What do you think I am, stupid!? I’ll get halfway across and you’ll turn it off!”

did you laugh?


Blonde series: a Blonde swim

“Out in the sea, a ship sank. The only survivors were a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde.

The only choice they had was to swim 100 meters back to shore.

The brunette left first and swam 70 meters but she drowned. The redhead left second and swam 80 meters but she drowned. The blonde was last and she swam 50 meters but she got tired and swam back.”


did you laugh?


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