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Try Passing This School Test Without Making a Single Mistake

This math equation is infamous online and only a few people have the skills to solve it

It was a few months ago that a Twitter user posted this tricky challenge online.

Below is a tricky test. Can you solve it without using a calculator?

The equation to solve is 8 ÷ 2 (2 + 2), but it proves to be anything but easy for people to agree on the answer.

What do you think the right answer is?

Did you find the correct answer?

8 ÷ 2 (2 + 2) = ?

Make sure you started from the right place – just solving straight from left to right can easily mess you up.





Below we will present the correct answer.

What is your solution?

The correct answer is 16 according to the modern interpretation of the order of operations.

8÷2(2 + 2)
= 8÷2(4)

This is where the debate starts.

= 8÷2×4

According to the order of operations, division and multiplication have the same precedence, so the correct order is to evaluate from left to right. First, take 8 and divide it by 2, and then multiply by 2.

= 4×4
= 16

The answer is 16.

Did you also think the solution was 1 or 16?

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