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Only a true genius can solve this tricky riddle

Something very popular online is solving riddles, a type of puzzle where you must find an answer to a particular question.

Riddles are most often a good way to pass the time with family and friends, everyone loves to exercise their competitive instinct and learn something new in the meanwhile.

Riddles are often tricky and it is important to try to think a little outside the box to figure them out. The next one is no exception.

How can that be?

Here comes today’s challenge, in the picture below.

Mary is standing behind Karen and Karen is standing behind Mary. How is this possible?

Can you find the correct answer?

However, it can be a little tricky, so if you have to think for a while it’s no surprise.

I had to think for almost a minute before I came up with the solution.

And as often happens with riddles, it’s easier than it seems.

The answer will be below the next picture.




Here is the answer

The whole thing is possible because the girls are standing with their backs against each other!

Did you solve any of the puzzles?

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