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Only a “true brainiac” can pass this tricky test: Can you find the odd symbol out?

Beneath are three photograph puzzles: all of them have identical guidelines. Firstly, one among them stands out in an image with a number of related symbols.

Strive your greatest to search out a suitable reply. Should you can’t discover all the odd out, verify the reply below.

Now, Let’s begin.

Find the odd emoticon out

You have 10 seconds for each picture, so don’t cheat! If you do, it might get too easy!

Your challenge now is to find the speaker that looks different in this picture! Will you succeed?




Were you able to find the emoticon that stands out?

If not, you can see the solution below!

Time for the next challenge!

Can you find the odd clock out?




I thought this was the hardest one. How about you?

Below, you will find the correct answer!

Time for the third and final challenge!

Remember now that only one genius can complete all 3 challenges!

Same principle here — find the sun that stands out. You have 10 seconds!




Did you manage to find it? The emoticon in the picture that sticks out!

Below, we’ll show you where it is!

Did you complete at least 1 of the puzzles? Good job!

How fast can you find the odd symbol out?

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