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This Is The Toughest Riddle Ever. Can You Solve It?

Do you have a brain for solving riddles? We will soon find out with this really tough riddle! Are you good with numbers? Or maybe this riddle is not actually as mathematical as it seems? The answer is below but doesn’t give up straight away. Challenge yourself with this riddle!




Did you get it?

That’s right!

The answer is:

A clock because you’re adding the hours.

Daily Riddle #3: Only 1 Out Of 50 People Will Be Able To Work This Out!

We love a good riddle – it gets your brain working and is the perfect midday distraction! We have collected a series of mind-bending questions to test your brainteaser skills! Challenge yourself and see if you can figure it out.

1. At first, I am rich then at the very end it sadly gets hard. What’s my name?

2. A girl was 15 in 1990, and in 1995 she turned 10. How is this possible?

3. If I have 3 apples and you take 2 away from me, how many apples do you have?

4. How many flies are flying if there are 3 half flies plus a fly and a half?

5. A is B’s father, but B isn’t A’s son. How can this be?

6. What is as big as an elephant but doesn’t weigh anything?

7. I won’t give my love to Rose, I won’t give this rose to Mary. But combine my past lovers and you’ll see who I wanna marry.

8. Who does it doesn’t say Who receives it, doesn’t know. Who knows it, doesn’t want it. What is it?

Can you solve the simple maths question confusing adults?

Scroll down to check your answers!




Did you get it? Here is the answer:

1. Richard.

2. The girl lived before Christ. Therefore, in 1995 B.C. she was 10 years old, and in 1990 she turned 15.

3. If I have 3 apples and you take 2, then you have 2 apples.

4. Just one fly. Half flies neither exist nor can they fly.

5. B is A’s daughter, not his son.

6. An elephant’s shadow.

7. Rosemary.

8. A lie.

How many answers did you get right?

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