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This Math Problem Is Driving the Internet Crazy

This math problem may seem simple but it is driving the internet crazy! (PS: If you are going to solve it correctly, you are going to have to remember the order of operations.) What to solve first, and what last. Time to see how much you remember.

Below you’ll find the problem.

Do you remember how to do the calculation? If not, we’ll show you the answer after the picture below.




Here is the correct answer

Remember your PEMDAS order of operations.

What do you think the answer is?

If you used the PEMDAS rule you would have to do the question in the parentheses first, which is 8 ÷ 4, which equals 2.

Then you must shift over to the left equation and do 24 ÷ 4= 6.

Then you have to multiply 6 x 2 which equals 12 and there is your answer!

The correct answer is 12.

The solution is relatively easy to come up with. However, you must start by calculating the multiplication – and It’s pretty common to forget where to start from.

Did you solve it on your own?

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