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The Ineffective Guardian

The Ineffective Guardian

A man walks down the street when suddenly he hears a tiny voice above him saying: “If you make one more step, a brick will land on your head and kil……l you.”

Surprised, the man stops just as a huge brick crashes down right in front of him.

Stunned, he continues on his way, and after a few minutes hears the voice again: “Stop! Don’t cross the road, if you do, the next vehicle will run you over!” The man freezes and again is almost hit by a speeding car. The man sighs a sigh of relief and asks the air: “Who ARE you?!?”

“I am your guardian angel!” Answers the voice joyfully.

“REALLY??” says the man in sudden anger, “Then where the heck was you when I got MARRIED??”

Is it funy?


The Priest and the Candle

Mrs. Haley Jones was going to the market in New York where she happened to meet Father Patrick…..

Father: “Hey, you are Haley right? I got you married in New Jersey when I was posted there”.

“Yes, Father,” says Haley .

“How are your husband and the little ones?”

“Husband is fine but so far, no children”.

Father Patrick: “Don’t worry, child. I’m going to Rome next week. I will light a candle for you there.”

“Thank you, Father Patrick.”

After some years, Father Patrick happens to meet Haley again.

“Hello Haley, how’s everything? Did you have any kids?”

“Yes, Father. I have three sets of twins and two singles. Total 8 kids”.
“Wow! Where is your husband?” “Oh, he’s gone to Rome all of a sudden… Said something about blowing off some candles.”

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