The Blonde and Her Melons

The Blonde and Her Melons

This blonde was walking down a road carrying a bag when a guy came along.

The guy asks, “What are you carrying?” “Melons,” the blonde replies.

“Cool,” the guy says. “If I can guess how many there are, can | have one of them?”

The blonde giggles and says, “If you can guess how many there are, you can have BOTH of them!”


Blonde vs. Librarian

A blonde stormed up to the front desk of the library and, screaming, said, “I have a complaint!”

“How can I help you?” said the librarian looking up at her.
“I borrowed a book last week and it was horrible!”

Puzzled by her complaint, the librarian asked: “What was wrong with it?”

“It had way too many characters and there was no plot!” said the blonde.

The librarian nodded and said, “Ahhh. So YOU must be the person who took our phone book.”


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