Home Life Test challenge! We must solve this riddle! Solution in the description

Test challenge! We must solve this riddle! Solution in the description

I guess not too many people make it to that age… But all in all, try to deal with that strange, unusual and just helpful for our brains question!

When I was 24, my sister was 25% of my age. I’m now 220. How old is my sister? Ok, you are here because you enjoy math and work your brains. Good for you, you know the secret to keeping you young. Now let’s see if you got it right.









Only 1 in 5 get this simple riddle right: Figure out the fastest way to empty the bathtub!

Riddles are proven to help improve your brain function, logical thinking, and focus! We love finding tricky riddles for you to try out so this is a new series of brainteasers for you! What are you waiting for, give it a go!

The riddle below has made thousands of Internet users scratch their heads in bewilderment. Can you solve it?

You have a spoon, a cup, and a bucket – now what’s the fastest way to get the water out? You can only use one method!

Think about this one for a while. I don’t know how they found this out, but apparently, only 1 in 5 adults get it right on the first try. So this is far from simple!




Find the answer below!

The answer is: Pull the plug!

Sure, it wasn’t listed as an alternative – but who said that you had to use the bucket, the cup, or the spoon? The fastest way to empty the tub is without a doubt to pull the plug!

How Fast Can You Find The Odd One Out In This Picture? Not Many Can Do It Under 10s!


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