Spot The Difference: Can You Point Out The Odd One Within A Minute?

The ability to pay attention to details is a skill that is needed in the real world. Fortunately, it can be developed through tasks like riddles and puzzles, and we have one for you today!

You have just 30 seconds to look hard and spot the different one. Can you find the odd one out in these images?

1, Can you find the odd one out in this picture?

2. How fast can you find the odd one out

3. The next one

4. Can you find the odd?

5. The last one. Try your best!

Check the answer below;






We hope you enjoyed that little riddle-like we did. If so, make sure you challenge a friend or two with it!


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To keep my brain cells functioning as they should, I usually try to complete a crossword on a regular basis. I think it’s important to keep my mind active. It can be a great stress reliever to focus on something other than work for a change.

Check out the puzzle below and remember: most people get it wrong.

I try to make my children do the same, but they prefer to sit playing on their phones and iPods. you only have 10 seconds to answer! How many Ds do you see?

Here is the answer:







The correct answer is 10

Most people don’t get it right on the first attempt.

Don’t forget to share this fun challenge with your friends and family and see if they get it right.



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