There is a sneaky cat hidden in this picture. How fast can you find it?

Take a look at the post to see how quickly – or not so quickly – you can find the sneaky cat.

A cat is hidden somewhere in this photo.

Known for being mischievous, sneaky, and always landing on their feet, cats get themselves into hilarious situations – and positions.

Which makes them near-impossible to find in these pictures, but if you’re stuck for the answer fear not as we’ve included the reveal below it.

Are you ready? Here comes the picture.


Did you see it? It’s definitely not easy.

If you need a small clue, we’ll reveal that the hidden cat did not have to climb much to get to where it currently is.

If you still haven’t found this elusive kitty, worry not. We’ll reveal the answer after the picture below.




Here is where the cat is hiding

Okay, then it’s time to reveal the answer. Look at the image below. It will show where the cat is hiding.

Here is the answer.


It seems cats will always be the masters of disguise, no matter where they are

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