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This seems like a regular sequence of numbers, except it’s not! Can you find an error?

I found the test below online and it took a while before I solved it, in fact, few people managed to solve it.

Can you tell what’s missing?

Here comes the challenge. In the picture we can see a sequence from 1 to 53 – but two numbers are missing. Can you guess which ones?

To make it fair, you only have ten seconds to find them. Go!

Did you see which ones are missing?

If not, here is the answer.





The first number missing is 11.

And the other is 32.

Were you able to find the missing numbers? Congratulations, you have a great eye.

How fast can you find the missing number?

The Majority Of Americans Can’t Spot The Missing Number On The First Try

Most people think they can count to 50. Take this quiz to see if you can easily spot the missing number in the sequence!

Note: The solution is situated below.

Were you able to see the missing number? In case no, we can provide the answer for you!

(PLEASE don’t scroll down unless you already gave up answering.)





Yes, that’s right! The Answer is 42!

How fast were you able to distinguish the missing number? Please share it with us in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget to share this with your family and friends for them to be challenged as well!

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