These Riddle Is Driving People Crazy: Can You Solve It?

You’re probably here because you love puzzles, and we fully endorse that! Whether you’re hard at work and need a break or are already trawling the internet looking for ways to boost your brain, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, let’s start, try to find the answer as fast as possible!

1. When I take five and add six, I get eleven, but when I take six and add seven, I get one. What am I?

2. I love sugars and treats, I am a little critter and I sound a lot like your Mom and Dad’s sister. What am I?

3. What can you stick between a 3 and a 4 so that the result is more than three but less than four?

4. What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

5. I flop around on sticks and sometimes you cheer me as I do, I desperately need a white powder to do what needs to be done, and looking at me you might wonder why I look like I am about to go swimming. What am I?



Hint: A sort of job

6. This amazing ancient invention allowed people to see straight through walls. What was it? Show Answer

Here are 6 riddle that is the toughest riddle ever, thinks you can solve it?

Now, check the answer below! How many right answers can you find!

1. The answer is a clock because you’re adding the hours 🙂

2. An ant

3. A point, dot, or period (3.4)

4. Lunch and dinner!

5: Gymnast!

6. The window.

How many right answer can you find?


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