Only a “real genius” can pass this test in 15 seconds: Can you find the odd letter out?

Only a genius can complete these challenges in under 15 seconds, according to the site Mind Checker, who made those puzzles. It may be a bit exaggerated but it’s not an easy task yet!

So you have to identify the letter or emoji that sticks out from the others. That is why it is important to focus and look carefully.

Let’s start:

2. Go to the next one

3. This one is not an easy test.

4. Here is the last one

If you can find all of the odd one out, you’re truly genius!.

And if not, you can check the answer bellow.






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This brain teaser is really hard, and I needed several minutes of staring at the screen before getting it right. But the longer it takes, the more satisfying it is once you find the solution.

The image below has a boatload of owls in it. But somewhere among them, a cute little cat is hiding. Can you find it?

Have you found the answer?

Hint: Cat has ears.








Very tricky, right? If you found the cat, then congratulations – you really have an eye for detail! Share this brain teaser with your friends to give them their daily brain exercise!

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