Most people will fail this test – can you find the number inside this image full of I’s?

This image (under) will take a look at your expertise. It’s fairly tough – regardless that it sounds easy on paper. It requires the eyes and mind to work collectively – in any other case, it’ll get tough.

You might have 10 seconds to unravel this puzzle. Have a look at an image filled with I’s, your activity is to determine what number of 1’s are hidden within the picture.

I shared this puzzle with three of my friend – and no person answered accurately on the primary try. In fact, it is going to be simpler should you take greater than 10 seconds, so don’t cheat.

Here is the picture – will you find an odd number?

Let‘s start

Did you see at least one? It’s not easy, but it should be fine if you focus.

If you can’t make it, then the answer is below.




Here is the right answer

The solution comes in the picture below.

There, high up in the right corner, a 1 is hiding. It’s very much like an I, so it was certainly no walk in the park to find it.

Congratulations if you found the hidden 1!

Did you solve it on your own? Congratulations on that case!

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