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Only A Few People Can Get This Right: How Many Matches Do You See?

Earlier today, I encountered this optical illusion online. I had to sit for a while before choosing an answer – and yet I was wrong. After giving it another try, however, I realized why I got the wrong answer.

It’s quite tricky – and therefore we decided to give you 4 options. But according to Mambee, the majority still gets it wrong on the first attempt. Therefore, you should probably focus your eyes and brain if you want to pass this test!

You need to figure out how many matches are in this picture! Will you succeed?

Is not that easy, right?

Need an extra look?

The answer is either 9, 10, 11, or 12.

My first thought was 11 matches, but I’ll admit I was wrong.

What can it be then? If you first picked the same answer as me, it’s time to take another look.

How many matches are in this picture?

Below the next picture, we will show you the right answer!




Here’s the answer! Check if you picked the right option!

There are 10 matches in the picture!

Did you get it right?

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