Only a “real genius” can pass this test in 15 seconds

Only a real genius can pass this test in 15 seconds

At the same time, such things fascinate people — life isn’t supposed to be easy, and overcoming a challenge is what makes us feel alive. That’s why I would like to share 2 puzzles that I think will make you struggle!

According to the site Mind Checker, only 1 in 5 can get it correctly right away — and I understand why. You need to have an eye for detail and that’s not something everyone has!

You have to find the symbol that stands out from the rest! On the first one, which snowman looks different? See if you can spot it!

Can you do it in under 10 seconds?


Did you find the different snowman in 15 seconds? If not, you can see the answer below.




In the middle row to the very right, there he is, with a straight arm!

One more try!

Now you have to find the couple that stands out! Again, you have 10 seconds to do it!

Were you successful? Remember, most people can’t do it in under 10 seconds, below we’ll show you the answer!




Surely they were hard but fun. Right? It really gets that brain working, as I said!

Did you complete at least 1 of the tests? Good job!

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