Nobody hides pain better than a mother

A mother is the glue that holds everything together, even if she feels like she’s falling apart. A mother’s strength is second to none. Even when she is in stressful times, when she is completely exhausted mentally and physically, nothing prevents her from finding the strength she needs to do for her children what she needs to get done.

Raising my children is my choice. Sometimes I give up things or go without for them. I do not regret it. My life is and always will be for my children no matter how big they get. They haven’t ruined my life. They gave me a whole new perspective on the meaning of life. I couldn’t love them more than I already do.

My hope is that they remember I tried. Even when I was tired, even when I was stressed. I hope that they know that I did everything for them. That I had every intention of being awesome, good, and grand, but some days all I could be was okay. I hope they know I stilled showed up. That I still tried. That every day I tried to be better because of them.

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