Nearly everyone gets it wrong on their first try: How many letters can you find in this picture?

How many letters can you find?

The challenge is quite simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. Here, your eyes and brain must work together efficiently. Otherwise, it will get tricky.

When I tested them with my colleagues, no one got it right on the first try.

Take a look at this picture filled with O’s, it seems normal, right? However, there’s a bunch of Q’s hidden in the picture – How many can you find? You only have 10 seconds to do it!

Image: N365 / Humor Bible

How many were you able to find in 10 seconds?

It’s probably more than you think at first sight!

Below we will show you the answer, but certainly, the letters are quite hard to tell apart.




Time for the answer

Now it‘s time to see if you got it right, or at least came close.

The right answer is that there are 9 Q’s in the picture!

Feeling like having another go? Thought so!

Now you have the chance to redeem yourself if you didn’t do well on the first puzzle!

Let’s do this! This one’s probably a bit more difficult.

The same principle applies and you only have 10 seconds to solve it – but now you must find all the S’s among the 5’s! How many will you find this time?

Image: N365 / Humor Bible

How many S’s did you find in 10 seconds?

Here, too, I guess there are more letters than you thought at first sight.

The letter S and the number 5 is almost identical!

Well – next comes the answer!




The correct answer is: there are 10 S’s in the picture!

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