What has a mouth but cannot eat?

Riddles are proven to help improve your brain function, logical thinking and focus! We love finding tricky riddles for you to try out so this is a new series of brainteasers for you! What are you waiting for, give it a go!







Did you figure it out? The answer is of course,

A River!

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Most people can’t solve this old riddle – but can you find the correct answer?

Something that has become very popular lately is good ‘ol riddles.

Riddles are very convenient because they can be passed just by word. You’ve probably heard a few from your grandparents, and so have they from theirs.

Some riddles are quite tricky, and it is essential to think a little outside the box to figure them out.

The riddle below is no exception.

Can you figure out this mystery?

Here, in the picture below, comes today’s riddle.

An elderly couple went on a picnic. They have 5 sons, and each son has 3 children. In total, how many people went for a picnic?

This mystery is, it seems, anything but simple. Can you come up with the answer?

A small clue: try to think outside the box.

If you can’t find the answer, we will report it below.




A possible riddle

So how many people went on this picnic then?

Maybe the number in your head is 22? Sadly, that’s wrong.

The correct answer is that only 2 people went for a picnic.

At the beginning of the riddle, it says that an elderly couple went on a picnic. However, it was never said that their sons and their children also went with them. Since the information provided had included numbers, it probably made you think it was a math problem – but it wasn’t.

The answer was much simpler than most people tend to think.

Did you get the correct answer?

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