Most People Can’t Find The “Y”‘s In Under 70 Seconds!

This is a real challenge for the sharpness of your vision – can you spot the odd letter Y’s hiding in all the visual tests?

If you get stuck, you can scroll down to check out the answer. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s go!

1. Can you find the “y”?

2. Can you find the “y” in less than 10 seconds?

3. Can you find the “y” in less than 30 seconds?

How’s it going so far? Are those brain cells feeling a little tingly yet? Don’t throw it the towel just yet, it’s only the beginning. We’ve got your back! The mind only gives up if you tell it to, so push on! We trust that you’ll do good! Push on ahead! You’ve got this!

4. Can you find the “y” in less than 40 seconds?

5. Can you find the “y” in less than 60 seconds?

6. Can you find the “y”?

7. Can you find the “y”?









Did you get it right without looking? Challenge your friends as well and pass this mental focus test on them.

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