How many triangles can you see?

How many triangles?

Here comes the challenge. It’s not proper math, but I remember our geometry teacher gave us a similar problem back in school.

Below, there is a picture – and the question is: how many triangles are in it?

How many did you find? The answer will be below the next picture.





The solution is actually 25 – there are 24 smaller triangles within the main triangle, as well as one in the signature.

There are six in the top row – three individuals triangles, two pairs, and one comprising of all three.

Then there’s six in the second row, six in the third, and six in the fourth row using the same approach.

There’s also a triangle in the signature written underneath the question – in the “A”.

But some shrewd users have also pointed out that you could include the word “triangles” in the answer – to reach 26.

Did you solve it correctly?

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