How many dogs do you see in the picture?

THIS OPTICAL has become a hit on social networks as it supposedly reveals what your mental age is. Take a good look at it and tell us how many dogs you see.

Do you see dogs in the above picture? If yes, good! Now, try to count how many dogs you actually see. Take your time on this one. Here are all of the different answer options and what they reveal about your mental age.




A. You found 4 dogs.

20-25 is your mental age range if you see 4 dogs. Your brain is literary-oriented and you can think of yourself as artistic and creative.

You enjoy reading, listening to music, and experiencing new forms of art. You typically aren’t found in noisy environments if you can help it. You think and act in a simple manner.

B. You found 5 dogs.

If you found 5 dogs in the picture, your mental age is between 25 and 30 years old. You are as simple as it gets.

From what you want to wear today to your relationship decisions, you never want to complicate matters. Your social circle is probably very small and you prefer to do it that way.

C. You found 6 dogs.

If you saw 6 dogs in the picture, your mental age is between 30 and 40 years old. You are probably realistic, cautious, and old-fashioned in your thinking.

You are the one that your friends go to for advice. They rely on you because you exude maturity and stability. Your naturally relaxed yet strong nature keeps you level.

D. You found 7 dogs.

If you see 7 dogs in the picture, your mental age is between 10 and 20 years old. As a child or teenager, you are naturally naive. But even just like children, you are straightforward and caring. You don’t accept things how they are if you don’t like them–you ask questions. This makes you an enviable friend.

Which mental age bracket are you a part of? Does it accurately describe you?   

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