L.Johnny Failed His Math Test

Little Johnny failed his math test dismally.

His mark was so bad, that his teacher called home to talk to his father.

When he returned home that afternoon, his father was standing crossly in the doorway.

“Why did you fail your math test?” he asked.

Little Johnny shrugged and said: “My teacher isn’t very good.”

His father was surprised by his excuse and asked Johnny to elaborate.

“Well, on Monday, my teacher said 3+5 = 8.”

“So?” his father answered.

“Then on Tuesday, she told us 4+4 = 8, and on Wednesday she said 6+2 = 8,” explained the boy.,

“If she doesn’t know what equals eight, how am I supposed to know the right answer?”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

Johnny Was Having Problems In English Class.

Little Johnny was having problems in English class, so his teacher decided to stop by Little Johnny’s house on her way home.

She wanted to discuss his poor performance directly with his parents.

When she rang the doorbell, Johnny answered.

“Hello Johnny, I would like to talk to your mother or father.” She said.

“Sorry. but they ain’t here.” He replied.”

She said. “what is it with your grammar?”

“Haven’t got a clue,” Johnny replied.

“But dad sure was mad that they had to go bail her out again!”


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