Jacob was in coats business

Jacob worked in the coat business, but unfortunately, the business was very bad.

One day his partner James said to him, “What are we going to do with these fifty coats?” They’re last year’s style, and although we’ve knocked them down to $100 each, we still can’t sell any.”

Jacob replied, “Use your head, James. Price them at $200 and send 10 of our best lawyer clients five coats each.

But here’s the plan. Put in an invoice for $800 for only four coats. If I know them, our clients will think we’ve made a mistake.

They’ll jump at a bargain and pay the $800.”

So James did as he was told. Within 10 days, they received all 10 parcels with an almost identical letter reading.

“I did not order these coats and hence sending them back with your Invoice.”

And each parcel contained only 4 coats.


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

A Texan is in London for business

A Texan is in London for business and decides to see the sights before he leaves, so jumps into a taxi and has them show him around.

They drive past Big Ben, and the taxi driver notes it took 15 years to build.

The Texan scoffs at this, “You Brits are so slow! We’d build something twice the size in half the time!”

Next, they swing by Tower Bridge.

Once again, the driver comments that this impressive landmark was completed in only 8 years, and again the Texan scoffs.

“That bridge is tiny! In Texas, we would have built a much larger bridge in just a year or two.”

A little further on, they drive past Buckingham Palace, but the taxi driver doesn’t comment on it.

Confused, the Texan asks, “What’s that then? I suppose that must have taken you a hundred years to build!”

The taxi driver shakes his head. “Sorry mate, not sure what that one is – wasn’t here yesterday.”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

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