Highly Educated Driver

Yesterday, I booked a private taxi for the airport. When I arrived at my destination, the driver gave me his business card for future bookings.

Dr. Jimmy, PhD

Wow! I was surprised and quizzed him,

“Why are you driving a taxi with such high qualifications?”

He replied, “Dr. is the short form of Driver.“

“Then what about your PhD?”



“I am a Private-hired Driver”


Did you laugh? we hope this joke made your day, enjoy it!

Two secretaries were talking about their work.

Two secretaries were talking about their work.

“I hate filing,” said one. “No matter how careful I am, I can never find the papers I’m looking for. I forget where I have filed them.”

“I used to have that problem too, but no more,” her blonde friend said.



“Now I make 26 copies of everything I type and file one under each letter of the alphabet. That way, I can’t miss it!”

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