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Find the ‘N’ in This Puzzle! Most Can’t Under 10 Seconds

How many N’s can you find?

Apparently, it’s not strange – the vast majority of people get it wrong if they try to finish under 10 seconds, which is the time limit for this challenge!

Now, let’s see how it works for you!

It’s a yellow background image filled with lots of M’s. But in a few spots, there are also a few hidden N’s. Because the letters are so similar, this can deceive your eyes.

The question now is how many N’s can you find in the picture?!

Sure it’s a little tricky to find every single one, right?

How many N’s can you find?

Finding several N‘s is more difficult than you think. At least that was the case when I tried it.





Did you get it right?

Now, remember how many letters you found in the picture!

Okay, do you feel ready to see the answer? Below the picture, you can see if you got it right!

Time to check your answer! In the picture, we marked all N’s in red so you can compare!

The right answer is: there are 4 N’s in the picture!

Did you find all of them?

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