Which Dog Get’s To Drink The Milk First?

Look at the picture riddle and answer the question.

In the image, you will see a pipeline system, through which milk will be delivered to the dogs.

Which dog will get to drink the milk first?

Scroll down to see the answer:








Answer: 2


Along with good logical skills you also need good observation skills to solve this riddle.

If we see the image closely you will see that all other pipes are blocked somewhere or the other, so dog no.2 is the only dog who will actually get to drink some milk.


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Again, ensure you cover every part of the question and after that answer. There is something that girls have 5, but cows have just 4



Solution: Do not blast your head in the wake of knowing the appropriate response. It’s the number of letters in the spelling.


Did your mind get a real exercise after these riddles? Continue solving such enigmas and give oxygen to your brain.

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