Can You find FIVE SEEDLESS watermelons in this brainteaser?

Only eagle-eyed players have managed to find the answer, will you? A new seek-and-find quiz challenges you to spot the FIVE SEEDLESS watermelons in this brain teaser.

The answer will be shown below, scroll down if you can not find the FIVE SEEDLESS watermelons!

… Can’t find them?

Try looking towards the right of the image…

Still no luck?

Or think you’ve found him and want to check?

Scroll down to reveal the answer!




can you spot the leopard hiding on the mountainside?

The big cat was so well hidden in the photographs that the photographer had no idea he had managed to capture the leopard in his shots until he got home.

In this brainteaser, there is a leopard hiding on the mountainside. Can you see him in less than a minute?

Now, look at the pic.

Can you see him?

Look closely, and you might be able to see it.

Want a hint?

Focus on the right side, he is among the grass

Still can’t find it?

scroll down to check the answer:





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