Can You Spot The Odd One Out Right Away?

Get your mind going with this great brainteaser. It will increase your mental focus and your attentiveness throughout the day – it’s the perfect break in between work or your daily chores. Not many people are able to pass this tricky test in less than 60 seconds. But don’t worry! If you get stuck, you can scroll down to check out the answer. Are you up for the challenge? Go for it!

1. Odd one out!

2. Can you find the odd one out?

Did you find all the answers? How long did it take? So far so good? Are your eyes getting tired now?

3. Find the odd one out!

4. Can you find the odd one out?

Tougher than you thought it was? Few more questions to go! Keep your head up! We hope that you’re doing well so far! Ok, break time’s over, moving on!

5. Find the odd one out!

6. Can you spot the odd one?

Were you able to find all the answers? If you got 100%, You totally nailed this super tricky test! Your attention to detail is impeccable and you have amazing cognitive abilities! Nothing goes past you unnoticed! You made it! Awesome.

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